On this day :
1963 HulaHoop patented, 1770 Civilians and soldiers clash in the Boston Massacre, 1929 David Buick dies, 1864 John C Breckinridge assumes command, 1946 Churchill delivers Iron Curtain speech, 1969 Jim Morrison is charged with lewd behavior at a Miami concert, 1966 Jet breaks up near Mt Fuji, 1770 The Boston Massacre, 1815 Innovator of hypnotism dies, 2006 Jon Stewart hosts 78th annual Academy Awards ceremony, 1839 Charlotte Bronte declines marriage, 1966 Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler hits 1 with Ballad Of The Green Berets, 1766 Antonio de Ulloa tries to govern Louisiana, 1977 DialaPresident radio program airs, 1966 Miller elected executive director of MLB Players Association, 1964 USAF advisory team sent to Laos, 1971 Blackhorse departs South Vietnam, 1871 Socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg born, 1953 Joseph Stalin dies,

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