On this day :
1953 Workers assemble first Corvette in Flint Michigan, 1836 Former President James Madison dies, 2006 DaimlerChrysler announces Smarts arrival in United States, 1862 Confederates capture commercial ship, 1948 Yugoslavia expelled from COMINFORM, 1975 A teenage girls boyfriend murders her parents, 1993 A serial rapist strikes in Allentown, 1992 Two big quakes rock California, 1519 Charles elected Holy Roman emperor, 1914 Archduke Ferdinand assassinated, 1919 Keynes predicts economic chaos, 1969 The Stonewall Riot, 1916 Lasky Company merges with Famous Players later to become Paramount, 1888 Robert Louis Stevenson sets sail for the South Seas, 1928 Louis Armstrong records West End Blues, 1857 Western writer Emerson Hough is born, 1919 Harry S Truman marries Bess Wallace, 1997 Mike Tyson bites ear, 1965 US forces launch first offensive, 1972 Nixon announces draftees will not go to Vietnam, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated, 1940 Britain recognizes General Charles de Gaulle as the leader of the Free French,