On this day :
1998 President Clinton impeached, 1776 Thomas Paine publishes American Crisis, 1968 Bullitt hits the silver screen in Sweden, 1817 James Archer born, 1986 Gorbachev releases Sakharov from internal exile, 1986 World Series parachutist sentenced, 1907 Pennsylvania miners perish in coal mine explosion, 1777 Continental Army enters winter camp at Valley Forge, 1972 Last lunarlanding mission ends, 1984 Britain agrees to return Hong Kong to China, 1997 Titanic sails into theaters, 1732 Poor Richards Almanack is published, 2005 Ahmadinejad bans all Western music in Iranian state television and radio broadcasts, 1964 John Fords Cheyenne Autumn released, 1777 Washington leads troops into winter quarters at Valley Forge, 1917 National Hockey League NHL opens its first season, 1964 Another bloodless coup topples the government in Saigon, 1972 North Vietnam condemns Linebacker raids, 1915 Haig becomes commanderinchief of the British army in France, 1941 Hitler takes command of the German army,