On this day :
1752 Franklin flies kite during thunderstorm, 1775 John Adams proposes a Continental Army, 1979 Paul Newman finishes second in 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1864 Confederates score victory at the Battle of Brices Crossroads, 1953 Eisenhower rejects calls for US isolationism, 2002 Doughnut truck thief arrested, 1991 Evacuations save lives in the Philippines, 1692 First Salem witch hanging, 1935 Alcoholics Anonymous founded, 1940 Norway surrenders to Germany, 1980 Mandela writes from prison, 2007 Last episode of The Sopranos airs, 1881 Tolstoy disguises himself as a peasant and leaves on a pilgrimage, 1928 Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak is born, 1990 Luther Campbell and fellow 2LiveCrew members are arrested on obscenity charges, 1885 Arizona Deputy Sheriff Billy Daniels is killed, 1963 JFK has busy day, 1944 Joe Nuxhall makes MLB debut at 15, 1965 Battle begins at Dong Xoai, 1968 Westmoreland gives farewell press conference in Saigon, 1917 Italians renew battle on mountaintops in Trentino, 1940 Italy declares war on France and Great Britain,