On this day :
1950 Althea Gibson becomes first AfricanAmerican on US tennis tour, 1776 Redcoats land at Long Island, 1962 Citroen helps De Gaulle survive assassination attempt, 1862 Lincoln replies to Horace Greeley, 1968 Czechs protest against Soviet invasion, 1933 The Barker clan kills an officer in their fruitless robbery, 1992 Hurricane Andrew pounds Bahamas, 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field, 1851 US wins first Americas Cup, 1864 International Red Cross founded, 1922 Michael Collins assassinated, 1992 Incident at Ruby Ridge, 1938 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers grace Life cover, 1935 Pulitzer Prizewinning author E Annie Proulx is born, 1969 Zager and Evans end a sixweek run at 1 with their smashhit In The Year 2525 Exordium Terminus, 1898 Hired killer Jim Miller joins Texas Rangers, 1848 Ulysses S Grant marries, 1989 Nolan Ryan registers 5000th strikeout, 1962 Kennedy reports stalemate in Vietnam, 1967 Graduated bombing policy condemned, 1968 VC repudiates Johnsons peace overture, 1972 Demonstrators disrupt Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, 1914 Heavy casualties suffered in the Battles of the Frontiers, 1944 Romania captured by the Soviet Union,