On this day :
1954 Ellis Island closes, 1775 Abigail Adams leads rhetorical charge against Britain, 1965 Goldenrod sets the landspeed record, 1864 The destruction of Atlanta begins, 1982 Yuri Andropov assumes power in the Soviet Union, 1996 High school sweethearts murder their newborn child, 2004 Scott Peterson convicted, 2001 Plane crashes in Rockaway New York, 1799 First meteor shower on record, 1948 Japanese war criminals sentenced, 1980 Voyager I flies near Saturn, 1990 Akihito enthroned as emperor of Japan, 1981 William Holden star of Sunset Boulevard and Network dies, 1889 DeWitt Wallace founder of Readers Digest is born, 2003 Toby Keith has his third straight 1 country album with Shockn Yall, 1867 US reconsiders war with Plains Indians, 1979 Carter shuts down oil imports from Iran, 1892 Pudge Heffelfinger becomes first pro football player, 1969 Seymour Hersh breaks My Lai story, 1971 Nixon sets new deadline for next troop withdrawal, 1918 Allied fleet enters Dardanelles, 1944 Brits sink the battleship Tirpit,