On this day :
1947 First presidential speech on TV, 1775 Washington informs Congress of espionage, 1919 Enzo Ferrari makes his debut as a race car driver, 1864 Battle of Allatoona, 1986 IranContra scandal unravels, 1892 The Dalton gang performs their last robbery attempt, 1930 Blimp crashes in France, 1813 Tecumseh defeated, 1877 Chief Joseph surrenders, 1969 Cuban defector lands MiG in Miami, 1974 American circumnavigates the globe on foot, 1989 Dalai Lama wins Peace Prize, 2011 Apple founder Steve Jobs dies, 1990 Henry June is first NC17 film, 1978 Isaac Singer wins Nobel Prize, 1991 Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch earn a 1 hit with Good Vibrations, 1892 The Dalton Gang is wiped out in Coffeyville Kansas, 1829 Chester Arthur is born, 1953 Yanks win their fifth series in a row, 1963 South Vietnamese generals plan coup, 1964 President Johnson under fire from his own party, 1915 Britain and France commit troops to operation in Salonika Greece, 1942 Stalingrad must not be taken by the enemy,