On this day :
1969 Armstrong walks on moon, 1780 Mad Anthony Wayne loses to Loyalists in New Jersey, 1972 US government study disputes Naders charges against Corvair, 1864 Confederates attack at the Battle of Peachtree Creek, 1948 Truman issues peacetime draft, 1984 A serialkilling couple is apprehended, 2012 12 people killed 70 wounded in Colorado movie theater shooting, 1977 Second great flood hits Johnstown, 1881 Sitting Bull surrenders, 1951 King of Jordan assassinated, 1976 Viking 1 lands on Mars, 1973 Bruce Lee dies at age 32, 1933 Acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy is born, 1963 Jan and Deans Surf City hits 1, 1889 Homesteaders murdered by Wyoming ranchers, 1969 Nixon watches first lunar landing, 1919 Sir Edmund Hillary born, 1964 Viet Cong troops overrun town, 1969 Duck Hook plan completed, 1914 Caillaux trial begins in Paris, 1944 Assassination plot against Hitler fails,