On this day :
1961 Appeal for Amnesty campaign launches, 1754 Lieutenant Colonel George Washington begins the Seven Years War, 1937 Volkswagen is founded, 1863 AfricanAmerican regiment departs for combat, 1987 Matthias Rust lands his plane in Red Square, 1986 The decision in a wellknown securities fraud case is upheld, 1965 Mine explosion kills hundreds in India, 1754 First blood of the French and Indian War, 1991 Ethiopian capital falls to rebels, 1998 Comic Phil Hartman killed by wife, 1935 Tortilla Flat is published, 2014 Author Maya Angelou dies, 1983 Irene Cara has a 1 pop hit with the Flashdance theme, 1902 The Virginian is published, 1754 British soldier George Washington experiences combat for first time, 1957 Baseball owners allow Dodgers and Giants to move, 1969 US troops abandon Hamburger Hill, 1918 US troops score victory at Cantigny, 1940 Belgium surrenders unconditionally,