On this day :
1990 Chunnel makes breakthrough, 1779 Washington establishes winter quarters at Morristown, 1913 Fords assembly line starts rolling, 1862 Lincolns State of the Union address, 1959 Antarctica made a militaryfree continent, 2004 Defense presents its case in Hamptons murder trial, 1958 Students die in Chicago school fire, 1824 Presidential election goes to the House, 1934 Sergey Kirov murdered, 1955 Rosa Parks ignites bus boycot, 1940 Trailblazing comic Richard Pryor born, 1830 Due date for Victor Hugo, 1945 Bette Midler is born in Honolulu Hawaii, 1884 Elfego Baca battles Anglo cowboys, 1824 Congress decides outcome of presidential election, 1939 Lee Trevino is born, 1964 Johnson Administration makes plans to bomb North Vietnam, 1971 Situation in Cambodia worsens, 1919 New state declared in the Balkans, 1944 Stettinius succeeds Hull as secretary of state,