On this day :
1839 OK enters national vernacular, 1775 Patrick Henry voices American opposition to British policy, 1937 Craig Breedlove landspeed record holder born, 1862 Jackson is defeated at Kernstown, 1983 Reagan calls for new antimissile technology, 1979 Two men sentenced in murder of former Chilean diplomat, 1913 Tornadoes devastate Nebraska, 1919 Mussolini founds the Fascist party, 1983 Artificialheart patient dies, 1994 Leading Mexican presidential candidate assassinated, 1998 James Camerons Titanic wins 11 Academy Awards, 2011 Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79, 1999 Thomas Harris delivers Hannibal manuscript, 1969 Jim Morrison prompts a Rally for Decency, 1806 Lewis and Clark depart Fort Clatsop, 1962 Jackie Kennedy receives horse from governor of Pakistan, 1994 Wayne Gretzky scores number 802, 1961 US plane shot down over Laos, 1970 Prince Sihanouk issues a call for arms, 1918 Paris hit by shells from new German gun, 1944 Germans slaughter Italian civilians,