On this day :
1984 Miss America resigns, 1793 Connecticut Patriot Roger Sherman dies, 2007 Honda produces 6 millionth Civic in North America, 1862 Halleck takes command of the Union army, 1962 An accord on Laos is reached, 1878 Black Bart strikes again, 1918 A string of mysterious deaths surrounds a Nebraska woman, 1976 Legionnaires gather in Philly, 1952 Military seizes power in Egypt, 1967 The 12th Street riot, 1982 Actor and two children killed on Twilight Zone set, 1888 Raymond Chandler is born, 1988 Guns N Roses make popular breakthrough with Sweet Child O Mine, 1920 Montana rancher Conrad Kohrs dies, 1885 Former President Ulysses S Grant dies, 1996 US women take home gymnastics gold, 1964 Taylor and Khanh have heated discussions in Saigon, 1965 Johnson urged to declare a state of national emergency, 1914 AustriaHungary issues ultimatum to Serbia, 1951 Petain leader of the Vichy government dies,