On this day :
1765 Stamp Act imposed on American colonies, 1765 British pass Stamp Act, 1983 The origins of the Hummer, 1817 Braxton Bragg born, 1947 Truman orders loyalty checks of federal employees, 1984 Teachers are indicted at the McMartin Preschool, 1859 Earthquake destroys landmarks in Quito Ecuador, 2014 Mudslide in Washington state kills more than 40 people, 1820 Naval hero killed in duel, 1945 Arab League formed, 1972 Equal Rights Amendment passed by Congress, 2007 News Corporation and NBC announce new Web deal, 1947 Prolific bestselling author James Patterson is born, 1930 Stephen Sondheim is born, 1908 Louis LAmour born, 1933 FDR legalizes sale of beer and wine, 1894 First Stanley Cup championship played, 1965 Officials confirm nonlethal gas was provided, 1968 Westmoreland to depart South Vietnam, 1915 Russians take Austrian garrison at Przemysl, 1942 Cripps and Gandhi meet,