On this day :
1974 Unusual succession makes Ford president, 1776 Guy Johnson predicts Indian allegiances, 2000 BridgestoneFirestone announces massive tire recall, 1862 Rebels score narrow victory at the Battle of Cedar Mountain, 1985 Arthur Walker found guilty of spying for Soviet Union, 1969 Manson cult kills five people, 1976 Hurricane Belle strikes Eastern Seaboard, 1936 Owens wins 4th gold medal, 2010 JetBlue flight attendant quits job via escape slide, 378 Romans routed at Adrianople, 1969 Actress Sharon Tate found murdered, 1949 Mystery writer Jonathan Kellerman born, 1995 Jerry Garcia dies, 1877 Nez Perce fight Battle of Big Hole, 1974 Ford is inaugurated, 1988 The Great One gets traded, 1967 Marines launch Operation Cochise, 1974 Nixon leaves office, 1914 Walter Rathenau of AEG takes charge of German war production, 1945 Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki,