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1987 Reagan challenges Gorbachev, 1776 Virginia adopts George Masons Declaration of Rights, 1940 Edsel Ford agrees to manufacture RollsRoyce engines for war effort, 1862 JEB Stuart rides around the Union army, 1864 Grant pulls out of Cold Harbor, 1987 Reagan challenges Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murdered, 1897 Deadly quake hits India, 1898 Philippine independence declared, 1963 Medgar Evers assassinated, 1975 Indira Gandhi convicted of election fraud, 2003 Gregory Peck dies, 1942 Anne Frank receives a diary, 1971 Honey Cone earns a 1 hit with Want Ads, 1876 Journalist headed for Little Big Horn files dispatch, 1924 George Herbert Walker Bush is born, 1944 John F Kennedy receives medals, 1920 Big Red sets record at Belmont Stakes, 1965 South Vietnamese premier resigns, 1972 Lavelle testifies before Congress, 1917 King Constantine of Greece abdicates, 1940 Paris on the verge of invasion,


Newton's Laws of Exams

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Newton's Law of Exams


1st Law

"Every book will continue to remain at rest or covered in dust until an external or internal exam acts on it."


2nd Law

"The rate of change of knowledge is proportional to the applied study and the change of knowledge is in the direction of the studies."


3rd Law

"Every exam force has an equal and opposite study force which acts simultaneously."


4th Law

"When two exams collide, the total knowledge before the collision is equal to the knowledge after the collision."



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