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1863 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address, 1776 Congress pleads for soldiers, 1993 Chevy Cavalier heads to Japan, 1863 Lincolns Gettysburg Address, 1985 Reagan and Gorbachev hold their first summit meeting, 1976 Patty Hearst out on bail, 1824 Thousands perish in St Petersburg flood, 1942 Soviet counterattack at Stalingrad, 1969 Pele scores 1000th goal, 1977 Sadat visits Israel, 1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest debuts, 1899 Poet and critic Allen Tate is born, 2003 An arrest warrant is issued for Michael Jackson, 1907 Shane author Jack Schaefer is born, 1831 James A Garfield is born, 1966 Notre Dame and MSU play to a classic tie, 1967 Chaplain Charles Watters receives Medal of Honor, 1971 Cambodians appeal for help, 1915 British pilot makes heroic rescue, 1940 Hitler urges Spain to grab Gibraltar,


Newton's Laws of Exams

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Newton's Law of Exams


1st Law

"Every book will continue to remain at rest or covered in dust until an external or internal exam acts on it."


2nd Law

"The rate of change of knowledge is proportional to the applied study and the change of knowledge is in the direction of the studies."


3rd Law

"Every exam force has an equal and opposite study force which acts simultaneously."


4th Law

"When two exams collide, the total knowledge before the collision is equal to the knowledge after the collision."



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