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2003 Jessica Lynch gets heros welcome, 1779 Battle of Minisink Ford New York, 2002 California governor signs new auto emissions legislation, 1864 Battle of Atlanta continues, 1987 Gorbachev accepts ban on intermediaterange nuclear missiles, 1923 Dillinger joins the Navy in an attempt to avoid prosecution, 1991 Cannibal and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is caught, 1993 Kaskaskia is inundated by flood of 93, 1916 The Preparedness Day bombing, 1933 Wiley Post flies solo around the world, 1934 Dillinger gunned down, 2003 Qusay and Uday Hussein killed, 2005 March of the Penguins debuts, 1598 The Merchant of Venice is entered on the Stationers Register, 1977 Elvis Costellos debut album My Aim Is True is released, 1793 Alexander Mackenzie reaches the Pacific Ocean, 1862 Lincoln tells his cabinet about Emancipation Proclamation, 1990 Greg LeMond wins second Tour De France, 1967 Taylor and Clifford begin tour of the Pacific region, 1968 North Vietnamese condemn Honolulu Conference, 1916 Preparedness Day bombing in San Francisco, 1942 Deportations from Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka begin,


Newton's Laws of Exams

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Newton's Law of Exams


1st Law

"Every book will continue to remain at rest or covered in dust until an external or internal exam acts on it."


2nd Law

"The rate of change of knowledge is proportional to the applied study and the change of knowledge is in the direction of the studies."


3rd Law

"Every exam force has an equal and opposite study force which acts simultaneously."


4th Law

"When two exams collide, the total knowledge before the collision is equal to the knowledge after the collision."



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