On this day :
1960 First KennedyNixon debate, 1776 Congress elects agents to negotiate treaty with France, 1928 First day of work at the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, 1864 Rebels begin attack against Fort Davidson Missouri, 1989 Anticensorship law approved by Soviet legislature, 2007 Mistrial declared in Phil Spector murder case, 2002 Ferry sinks off Gambian coast, 1580 Drake circumnavigates the globe, 1957 Bernsteins West Side Story opens, 1996 Shannon Lucid returns to Earth, 1969 The Brady Bunch premieres, 2008 Screen legend Paul Newman dies, 1888 TS Eliot is born, 1957 West Side Story premieres on Broadway, 1820 The famous frontiersman Daniel Boone dies in Missouri, 1960 Kennedy and Nixon square off in a televised presidential debate, 1971 Four 20game winners, 1945 First American soldier killed in Vietnam, 1969 Nixon responds to critics, 1918 MeuseArgonne offensive opens, 1944 Allies slaughtered by Germans in Arnhem,

A Series of Unexpected Events

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A Series of  Unexpected Events

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