On this day :
2002 Hostage crisis in Moscow theater, 1777 British fleet suffers defeat at Fort Mifflin Pennsylvania, 1983 US Embassy in Beirut hit by massive car bomb, 1864 Battle of Westport Missouri, 1956 Hungarian protest turns violent, 1998 An abortionperforming doctor is murdered, 1989 Gas leak kills 23 at plastics factory, 1855 Rival governments in bleeding Kansas, 1983 Beirut barracks blown up, 42 Brutus commits suicide, 1925 Johnny Carson is born, 1942 Michael Crichton is born, 1976 Chicago has its first 1 hit with If You Leave Me Now, 1813 American fur traders turn over Astoria Oregon to the British, 1890 President Benjamin Harrison extends borders of Nebraska, 1993 Carter homers to win World Series, 1965 1st Cavalry Division launches Operation Silver Bayonet, 1972 US negotiators ask for further talks in Paris, 1921 Unknown Soldier is selected, 1941 Soviets switch commanders in drive to halt Germans,