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Horror Stories

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Hello friends. Today I am in the mood to tell you all some stories. The stories are a little scary. So beware! And I hope you like them.

So let's begin...

It was 8 0'clock in the night. I was studying in my room. My mother called me downstairs. I went downstairs. I saw my mother sitting on the sofa reading some book. As I started walking towards the sofa, suddenly my mother's voice came from her room upstairs, ''Son, do not go downstairs. Even I heard that ....."


I am Shreesh. I always used to make fun of ghost stories before this experience. I had been to my uncle's place during my ten days vacation. I was playing cricket with the neighbourhood boys.        

Suddenly an elderly looking lady, in a blue top and jeans, passed by my side looking at me. After every three steps she would turn and look at me. Then she turned and started walking towards me. Feeling scared, I started to walk away from there. She started coming closer and closer. Suddenly she stood in front of me.

At that moment a nearby dog started barking. I turned around to see what happened. The dog stopped barking. So I turned my head to look and the lady was not there anymore......



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