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1980 John Lennon shot, 1775 Americans begin siege of Quebec, 1942 Autofactory architect Albert Kahn dies, 1863 Lincoln issues Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, 1949 Chinese Nationalists move capital to Taiwan, 1980 John Lennon is murdered, 1881 Theater fire kills hundreds in Vienna, 1542 Mary Queen of Scots born, 1987 Superpowers agree to reduce nuclear arsenals, 1993 NAFTA signed into law, 1982 Meryl Streep stars in Sophies Choice, 1894 James Thurber is born, 1980 John Lennon is assassinated in New York City, 1941 Jeanette Rankin casts sole vote against WWII, 1941 Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war on Japan, 1940 Bears beat Redskins 730 in NFL Championship game, 1965 Operation Tiger Hound launched, 1966 North Vietnam rejects Johnsons prisoner exchange proposal, 1969 Nixon declares Vietnam War is ending, 1914 The Battle of the Falkland Islands, 1941 The United States declares war on Japan,


Sempiternal Love-A Modern Sonnet

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Who welcomes not, a bounty of ambrosial love,
A much languished for authority, that blesses one,
With an insignia of a pounding heart.
A universal currency that hath the ability to transcend,
All derisory fences and capricious notions.
One that can't be bought, nor exchanged for kind,
Since love hasn't a kindred replacement.
Love can only be boundlessly propagated,
Within the strict confines of an ecumenical law-that defines it to be,
An ingenuous egression, and a transaction between imploring hearts.
"Exude a blazing, indefatigable assurance of infinite love,
Love thy parents, siblings, friends, relatives and the one reckoned,
To be your 'soul mate', and never let any mortal ailments,
To 'full-stop' the sentence of divine, sempiternal LOVE."

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