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1960 First KennedyNixon debate, 1776 Congress elects agents to negotiate treaty with France, 1928 First day of work at the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, 1864 Rebels begin attack against Fort Davidson Missouri, 1989 Anticensorship law approved by Soviet legislature, 2007 Mistrial declared in Phil Spector murder case, 2002 Ferry sinks off Gambian coast, 1580 Drake circumnavigates the globe, 1957 Bernsteins West Side Story opens, 1996 Shannon Lucid returns to Earth, 1969 The Brady Bunch premieres, 2008 Screen legend Paul Newman dies, 1888 TS Eliot is born, 1957 West Side Story premieres on Broadway, 1820 The famous frontiersman Daniel Boone dies in Missouri, 1960 Kennedy and Nixon square off in a televised presidential debate, 1971 Four 20game winners, 1945 First American soldier killed in Vietnam, 1969 Nixon responds to critics, 1918 MeuseArgonne offensive opens, 1944 Allies slaughtered by Germans in Arnhem,


The Gift

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I walked home tired and hungry from school but as I unlocked the door of my house, these feelings were momentarily replaced by intrigue. There was something hidden behind the sofa. The intrigue soon left me and hunger returned. I heated up the food mother had left for me and sat at the table, eating alone. Nobody was here but me.

As I ate, I thought about my recently concluded final examinations. They had not gone well for me. The papers were being returned to the students and I had seen most of time. To say the least, I had passed in all the exams. Eighth standard was proving to be quite a challenge. These days, I had been telling my mother that the exam papers are yet to be returned, and the ones which I had were safely hidden at the back of my closet.

When the meal had taken my hunger away, the intrigue returned. That box, hidden behind the sofa, was clearly visible to me from my position. That was not good for the proverbial cat. I tried to hold on to it, but no, the cat ran towards the box and as in the proverb curiosity killed it. I pulled the box out and observed it. I think the blood drained from my face.

It was a brand new Nintendo Wii U. the one thing I had been asking for the past two years and I never got. Normally, I would have been ecstatic, jumping for joy and wanting to play it that very instant. Not this time, though. The words of my mother menaced me, “If you do good at the final exam, I will get you a Wii U.”

She had already bought it without asking, but I had a horrible performance. How could I tell her? How could I say, “Mom, I performed badly, so I do not deserve a Wii U.”?

It was horrible. I felt tears coming up. She had so much faith in me and I had broken that faith. What will I do at the Open House?

Just then the door opened and my mom stepped in.

“Oh, you already saw it?”

“Yes, Mom.” I said sulkingly.

“Why so sad?”

“Mom, I can’t have it.”

She displayed a surprised look.

“Who said it’s for you?”


“The delivery man gave it to us instead of the neighbours. I collected it since they’re out of town.”

“Oh, okay; for a moment I thought … “

“Wait. Why did you say you can’t have it?”

“Because … “                                           

Let’s just say I got a heavy scolding, but I was still somewhat happy and hopeful for the future.

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