On this day :
1971 Nixon announces visit to communist China, 1789 Lafayette selected colonelgeneral of the National Guard of Paris, 1903 Ford Motor Company takes its first order, 1862 CSS Arkansas attacks Union ships, 1971 Nixon announces trip to China, 1953 A notorious English killer is executed, 2002 John Walker Lindh accepts plea bargain, 1888 Volcano buries victims in fiery mud, 1606 Rembrandt born, 1806 Pike expedition sets out, 1965 Mariner 4 studies Martian surface, 1997 Versace murdered in Cunanan killing spree, 1988 Die Hard debuts makes Bruce Willis a movie star, 1919 Iris Murdoch is born, 1986 Columbia Records drops country legend Johnny Cash after 26 years, 1904 The Mad Trapper of Rat River heads for US, 1979 Jimmy Carter speaks about a national crisis in confidence, 2003 Tex Schramm dies, 1964 Goldwater nominated for president, 1971 Nixon announces a visit to China, 1918 Second Battle of the Marne begins with final German offensive, 1941 Garbo makes an appearance,


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