On this day :
1934 Federal prisoners land on Alcatraz, 1718 Sir Frederick Haldimand born, 1973 American Graffiti released, 1864 Confederate General Early abandons Winchester Virginia, 1984 Reagan jokes about outlawing the Soviet Union, 1980 Carol Bundy confesses her connection to the Sunset Slayer, 1856 Hurricane submerges Louisiana resort, 1952 Hussein succeeds to Jordanian throne, 1965 Watts Riot begins, 1998 Jonesboro schoolyard shooters guilty, 1973 American Graffiti opens, 2014 Oscarwinning actor Robin Williams dies at 63, 1921 Alex Haleys birthday, 1973 Hip Hop is born at a birthday party in the Bronx, 1806 Meriwether Lewis is shot in the leg, 1984 Reagan jokes about bombing Russia, 1994 Major leaguers walk off the job, 1967 US pilots cleared to bomb HanoiHaiphong area, 1970 South Vietnamese troops assume responsibility for guarding border, 1972 Last US ground combat unit departs South Vietnam, 1919 Weimar Constitution adopted in Germany, 1943 Germans begin to evacuate Sicily,


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The True Essence Of Life

The True Essence Of Life
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Truth always prevails...And life goes on....