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1814 Napoleon exiled to Elba, 1721 Moravian missionary David Zeisberger is born, 1888 Henry Ford marries, 1862 Confederates surrender Fort Pulaski, 1951 Truman relieves MacArthur of duties in Korea, 1870 War is narrowly averted, 1968 Last survivors of ferry accident rescued, 1970 Apollo 13 launched to moon, 1979 Idi Amin overthrown, 1988 Cher wins Best Actress Oscar for Moonstruck, 1931 Dorothy Parker resigns as drama critic for The New Yorker, 1961 Bob Dylan plays his first major gig in New York City, 1803 Talleyrand offers to sell Louisiana, 1977 President Carter hosts White House Easter egg roll, 2004 Phil Mickelson wins first major at Masters, 1963 Troops from Hawaii sent to South Vietnam, 1972 B52s strike North Vietnamese positions, 1919 International Labor Organization founded, 1945 The US army liberates Buchenwald concentration camp,


I Found A Gun

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One day I was walking on the street. It was a sunny day. Suddenly I saw something glimmering on the street. I was curious and so I went near it. It was a gun. I looked around but there was no one on the street. I thought of giving it to the police. But then I got a bit selfish. I thought may be I should keep it. I can use it in an emergency.

Few days passed by. The gun lay in a drawer at my home. Then one day there was a news about a notorious robber who had come to our town. He had created a lot of havoc and the police were trying their best to arrest him.

This, I thought was a very good occasion to use my gun and help the police to arrest him. I removed the gun from the drawer and put it in my pocket. I went out of my house looking for the robber. Luckily for me, at the same moment the robber had robbed my neighbouring house and was trying to escape as my neighbours had already called the police. The robber started running towards me. He probably thought that he would hold me for ransom and then escape from there.

But I was not going to let him go so easily. I shouted loudly and then I shot the robber on his left leg with my gun. A stone came out from the gun and the robber got hurt. At the same time, the police came there and arrested the robber.

A large crowd had gathered around me and all of them were praising me for my bravery. Then a boy came to me and said 'That is my toy gun.'

I looked at the gun and realised that the gun was not a real one. It was indeed a toy gun and that was the reason why the people around me were praising me. My ignorance about the gun made me brave and I could fight the robber.

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