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1973 US withdraws from Vietnam, 1776 Putnam named commander of New York troops, 2009 White House ousts GM chief, 1865 Appomattox campaign begins, 1951 Rosenbergs convicted of espionage, 1951 The Mad Bomber strikes in New York, 1982 Earthquake and volcano do double damage in Mexico, 1879 British victory at Kambula, 1974 Mariner 10 visits Mercury, 2005 Miramax chiefs part ways with Disney, 1797 Writer Mary Wollstonecraft marries William Godwin, 2006 Tom Jones is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, 1806 Congress authorizes survey of Cumberland Road, 1790 John Tyler is born, 1929 Herbert Hoover has telephone installed in Oval Office, 1982 Tar Heels win NCAA basketball championship, 1971 Calley found guilty of My Lai murders, 1973 Last US troops depart South Vietnam, 1917 Swedish prime minister resigns over WWI policy, 1945 Patton takes Frankfurt,


The Graylings Manor

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Oh! The Graylings Manor has to be sold!” exclaimed Penelope, horrified. “Hey, tell me. What is happening?” asked Katie, her best friend. “Grandparents have to see the Graylings Manor because of a heavy loan”, said Penelope. “We should do something to save it. I think we should go to your grandparents and see what we can do to save it”, exclaimed Katie. They went to visit Penelope’s grandparents’ house, The Graylings Manor.

“Hello, Grandfather. Hello, Grandmother. I missed you so much”, said Penelope, hugging her grandmother. “Hello, Penelope and Katie. Welcome to the Graylings Manor”, said grandfather, looking happy. Penelope and Katie went to their bedroom. It was a beautiful sight outside. “I am feeling very unhappy that we are visiting this house for the last time”, said Katie. They went out and admired the bungalow. “Katie, we will go and have our lunch now and then we will go to the basement and search for the board game that we played last time”, said Penelope. After lunch they went to the basement and searched for it, but in vain. Instead they found an old map of the forest. “Hey, what is this cross over here? I think it is a treasure map, the treasure that Graylings had lost”, said Katie excitedly. “We should ask grandfather about this. He should know about this map”, said Penelope. They were right. Grandfather said, “Oh! This is the treasure map of the Graylings. Many years ago the Graylings’ treasure was stolen and a map was made. We tried to find the treasure many time but could not find it. With it was the cup of luck that was also gone. Now if the treasure is not found, perhaps we will have to sell this house”. Katie and Penelope went to their room and after a long talk with each other they decided to search further, themselves.

The next morning the girls were up early. They quietly crept out of the house and went right to the centre of the forest where the cross was marked but found no hut. Suddenly, “Ouch, I fell down Katie. Help me out”. Katie helped Penelope and they found that there was a brick sticking out of the mud. “Oh, now I realise that the hut broke down and that is why no one could find it”. They started digging the ground but found nothing. They were totally surprised. They dug more and found a hole leading down. They went down and found it all dark. “We forgot to get our torches. Tomorrow we shall get them”, said Penelope.

“Come on! Let us hurry. It is time for breakfast”, said Katie. Next morning they went to the forest. They went down the hole carefully. “Finally we are down”, said Penelope. They switched on their torches and started to search again, but in vain. There was nothing more than rusted things on the grounds in which there were keys. “What must be this key for? May be it is for that door”. They tried it but it did not open. They tried the other key and the door opened. They ran inside and found a wooden chest. They tried the other key and it opened. It was full of gold and pearl necklaces. “Wow!” exclaimed Penelope. They found the ladder and took the chest home. Grandparents were amazed. They paid the loan and saved the Graylings Manor. The whole family celebrated by eating ice cream in cup of luck.

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