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A Fighter

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The Middleton family. A family that lived in Texas, USA. This is a story based on their son, Edwin Middleton.

Edwin Middleton was a 10 year old boy when he and his family found out that he was suffering from epilepsy. For his mother, Emma Middleton, this news was a great shock, leading to an immediate heart attack that was the cause for her death. Even though epilepsy can be dealt with, this was a great burden for Emma. She loved Edwin more than her other two children. Kristen and Mark.

It’s been seven years now since Emma’s death and the news of Edwin having epilepsy. I, Mary Mark Jane, have come to interview the Middleton family for my new book, “Battles with Epilepsy.”

Kristen is presently nineteen, Edwin seventeen and Mark is only nine years. When Matthew Middleton, Edwin’s father was asked about how he felt about his son having epilepsy, here’s what he had to say,

“It has been seven years of Edwin having epilepsy. In these seven years, Edwin has changed so much and has gone through so many things. I have to do home schooling for him because even after we knew he had epilepsy we sent him to school like a normal child, but due to his frequent seizures, his school denied taking the responsibility of his studies further. He never gets to go out alone like any other teenager. Either I or Kristen will give him company. When he was in school, his friends would stay away from him as they were afraid of his unpredictable seizures. None of them called him for parties or any social event as they couldn’t handle his epilepsy tantrums. He never got to take part in school events like sports, plays or stage work. This has affected him a lot. He was a very active and naughty boy in his early childhood, whereas now he’s even scared to talk to strangers. He developed a lack of confidence over the past years.”

“So…..” I suddenly got interrupted by minor screams made by Kristen and Mark.

“Dad, Edwin’s got it again.” said Kristen.

“This is an opportunity for you Miss Mary. You’ll get to see how we help him come back.”

I and Matthew ran up the stairs towards a room situated second last to the end of the corridor.

As soon as we got to the door, I stopped. My eyes widened. I had studied epilepsy thoroughly, but it was the first time I saw it happening live.

Edwin was lying on the ground shaking rapidly, with Kristen sitting beside him, holding a towel in her hand. Matthew kneeled on the ground and positioned one hand on Edwin’s shoulder and his other hand under his head to cushion it from banging the ground.

I stepped inside the room to get a closer look at Edwin, however, the sight that caught my eyes were of Mark hiding behind the curtain and peeping out from the corner to see the scene from one frightened eye.

I stepped closer to see Edwin’s condition. He, himself gripped his hands tightly. He’s eyes rolling up and down rapidly.

“Okay Edwin, calm down. Alright, we’re here. Edwin? Edwin? Okay honey. See, Kristen is beside you. Alright……” Matthew kept on saying.

Suddenly, he stopped, making me take a step back with surprise. Kristen took the towel and wiped his face gently.

“Miss Mary, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait for some time to take Edwin’s interview.” said Matthew.

“No. It’s fine. I don’t think I, myself, will be able to take Edwin’s interview. I think he needs rest, plus, I think I can get all the information I need from you. May we go downstairs?” I said, making my eyes wander to all parts of the room, from Mark, who ran out of the room and Kristen, who was busy helping Edwin climb on the bed.

Once downstairs, I asked, “When we were upstairs, I saw Mark a little frightened. Is it something related to Edwin?”

“Yes. Mark is afraid of Edwin, and the cause of that is Edwin’s epilepsy. He runs away when Edwin comes closer to him and if he is stopped and forced to come closer to him, he starts crying……….”

“……And Kristen?” I interrupted.

There was a long pause.

I understood that there was no chance of him answering that because it was clear that Matthew was uncomfortable with the question. I left the topic and continued with our interview.

“Thank you, Mr. Matthew for your time.” I said shaking his hand with gratitude after the interview was over.

I put on my coat and got out of the house. As soon as I stepped out, I felt the cold autumn breeze blowing against my face. I felt different. I felt much more free.

I realised that I understood how Edwin felt. How he wanted to come out alone in the street and spread his arms far and wide. How he wanted to play different sports like any other college boy. How he wanted to have friends, to which he could talk to, make fun of, fight with, go to parties with. How he wanted to go in stage activities, show his talents and feel the feeling of stage fright. I understood how he felt about the fact that he’s own little brother was afraid of him.

I had met with many epilepsy patients, but I felt much more inclined towards Edwin. He was battling with such a harsh disease, fighting against it without the person who loved him more than anyone, his mother.

For such a brave heart, I decided to spread his story throughout the world and make him the hero of my book, “Battles with Epilepsy.







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