On this day :
1933 FDR inaugurated, 1776 American forces occupy Dorchester Heights, 1936 Scottish racing legend Jim Clark born, 1861 Lincoln inaugurated, 1954 Dulles asks for action against communism, 1944 The head of Murder Inc is executed, 2005 Martha Stewart is released from prison, 1962 DC7 crashes in Cameroon swamp, 1789 Government under the US Constitution begins, 1995 John Candy dies, 1952 Ernest Hemingway finishes The Old Man and the Sea, 1965 Kite Runner author Khaled Hosseini is born, 1966 John Lennon sparks his first major controversy, 1868 Founder of Chisholm Trail dies, 1829 Jackson holds open house at the White House, 1952 Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis marry, 1888 Knute Rockne born, 1968 Task Force sends memo to the president, 1913 Woodrow Wilsons first inaugural address, 1941 Britain launches Operation Claymore, 1944 Eighth Air Force bombs Berlin,



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Once upon a time there was a poor boy in a poor house. His name was Tom. His mother and father had died. But yet he was alive. He slept in his poor room and thought that he could be free of all worries by listening to the songs of the birds.

One day he decided to go to the Guardian Frost forest. But he had heard some people say that there is a monster with white eyes, long hands and long legs in the forest. But he didn't want to believe in this nonsense. He told to himself, "Tommrow I have to go to the forest".

Next day morning he went on his journey to the forest. He was passing by the rocky mountains when he saw a furious bull watching him like an angry creature. Tom was afraid of the bull and so he tip-toed along the path. Even then the bull ran after him. Tom tried fooling the bull by talking to it but the bull would not stop. So Tom tried to run as fast as he could. Suddenly he fell in a hole. He tumbled down and reached to a very dark forest. He tried looking around but could not see anything because of the darkness. Suddenly he saw a glare of light. At that moment itself some one held his hand punched him. Tom fell down and was unconscious.

When he opened his eyes he saw his father and his mother wearing torn clothes standing in front of him. Tears rolled down Tom's cheeks. His father said 'We are old and sick. Let us die. You have a long life to lead. Do not waste your life. Take care of yourself and be a good boy. We both love you". Before Tom could say anything they both disappeared.

Tom looked around. He saw a small opening with light outside. He walked towards it and it led him to his house. He was glad that he could meet his parents. He promised himself that he would always heed by the words of advice that his father had given him and lead a good life so that his parents could be proud of him.

Tom did not see his parents ever again.

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