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1985 Ireland allows sale of contraceptives, 1792 Postal Service Act regulates United States Post Office Department, 1997 Kramer on Seinfeld adopts a highway, 1864 Battle of Olustee, 1976 SEATO disbands, 1974 Atlanta Constitution editor is kidnapped, 2003 Rhode Island nightclub burns, 1725 American colonists practice scalping, 1962 An American orbits earth, 1986 Chunnel plans announced, 1992 John Singleton nominated for Best Director Oscar, 1950 Dylan Thomas arrives in New York, 2003 Fire engulfs nightclub during Great White show, 1902 Ansel Adams is born, 1792 George Washington signs the Postal Service Act, 1998 Tara Lipinski becomes youngest Olympic figure skating gold medalist, 1968 Hearings begin on American policy in Vietnam, 1919 Amir of Afghanistan is assassinated, 1942 Pilot OHare becomes first American WWII flying ace,


The Robbery

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As it was raining cats and dogs, the group of friends drove along the road in their yellow Humvee. These were not just friends. They were acquaintances. The Humvee was a robbed one and they were heading towards another unlucky rich house.

“This time”, Joe told his friend, Bob, “do not open the fridge at all. Remember what a bad chef the last house had?” Bob smirked. Bob always had a snack during robberies, but in the last house that they had visited, a woman had kept a dog in the fridge. A dead one, I mean.

Now they were standing at the door of their target. Celine opened the lock with her skills. She always does it. The door shrieked as they opened the door to a house, rich for centuries and poor in a minute.

After some searching, they found the safe, which Celine had no problem in opening. Joe gave the order, “Take the cash to the truck.” Alex, the speediest of them all, finished the job in twenty four seconds flat. But he didn’t return. Bob ran to see what has happened to him. Nothing happened for the next few moments. Joe ordered Celine to go and then quietly followed her.

When he went outside he saw Celine, Bob and Alex in cuffs, and policemen everywhere. Joe ran for his life and managed to escape. But he lost all the loot and also all his friends. He was scared for his life. He vowed never to thieve again.

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