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1812 War of 1812 begins, 1778 British abandon Philadelphia, 1923 Checker Cab produces first taxi at Kalamazoo factory, 1864 Union hero Joshua Chamberlain is wounded at Petersburg, 1979 Carter and Brezhnev sign the SALTII treaty, 1984 A radio host is gunned down for his controversial views, 1972 Mysterious crash at Heathrow, 1815 Napoleon defeated at Waterloo, 1983 First American woman in space, 1942 Film critic Roger Ebert born, 1937 Novelist Gail Godwin is born, 1967 The Monterey Pop Festival reaches its climax, 1847 Alexander Murray departs for the Yukon, 1798 Adams passes first of Alien and Sedition Acts, 1960 Arnold Palmer wins US Open, 1965 SAC B52s are used for the first time in South Vietnam, 1966 Westmoreland requests more troops, 1915 French troops halt fighting in Artois region, 1940 Hitler and Mussolini meet in Munich,


Time Spent With My Friend

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I was coming back home from school. It was going to rain. We had a stay back that day. When my father came to pick me up, I thought he was hiding something, may be a surprise. When I reached home, I realised that it was really a surprise. I saw my childhood friend, Abhay, whom I was meeting after seven years, waiting for me on the sofa.

I was delighted to see him. Seven years ago he had gone to the U.S.A. with his parents. I asked him whether he had come back to India or just to meet me. He answered, “For now I will stay with my uncle in India.” I was very glad to hear that. As it was a tiring day at school, I took a bath. I ate the snacks kept on the straight away went to play with Abhay. When we started playing t began to rain heavily. We were waiting under the shed but the rain was not stopping. Then suddenly I remembered about my homework. He too had to help his uncle with some work. So we both went home.

As soon as I completed my work, Abhay turned up in the house. It was still raining. Abhay told that he had completed his work. So we started talking. I asked him about U.S.A. He told me that it is a well-organised country. There are many tourist spots there. But he said that he loved the Indian culture and the love that Indians have for nature. I asked him, “What does your father do there?” he said, “He has his own automobile company there.” I was surprised to hear that. We were just talking and talking when the rain stopped. We went to play but the rain actually did not stop. It started raining again. We then enjoyed playing in the puddles.

We had a great time playing with each other. After six months we had to say good bye to each other. It was a great experience and I will never forget him.

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