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1916 Easter Rebellion begins, 1781 Phillips and Arnold launch attack on Petersburg Virginia, 1983 German endurance driver killed in crash, 1863 Union issues conduct code for soldiers, 1955 The Bandung Conference concludes, 1922 Forensic evidence is introduced in Australia, 1908 Tornado flattens towns in Louisiana and Mississippi, 1800 Library of Congress established, 1953 Churchill knighted, 1980 Hostage rescue mission ends in disaster, 1982 Jane Fondas first Workout video released, 1940 Sue Grafton is born, 1962 Patti LaBelle makes her debut on the pop charts sort of, 1947 Author Willa Cather dies, 1945 Truman is briefed on Manhattan Project, 1996 Penguins defeat Capitals in marathon hockey game, 1967 Westmoreland makes controversial remarks, 1971 North Vietnamese attack South Vietnamese installations, 1916 The Easter Rising begins in Dublin, 1876 Erich Raeder commander in chief of the German navy is born on this day, 1940 Britain begins its evacuation of Greece in Operation Demon,


My mother saw a dancing bear

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One day in June, my mother was passing by the school yard. She saw a bear with his keeper standing with a chain and a bar. He also had a whistle pipe on which he played a wonderful tune. Then the bear lifted up his head and dusty feet.

It danced about in the heat on the tune which was played by the keeper. All the children laughed when they saw this sight. Then it acted as if it was digging before the Queen after which the huge animal started marching. After a while it stood motionless. Suddenly the keeper ordered it to do a somersault.

Then my mother said that the keeper went around with a begging bowl and the bear followed him. His fur was almost burning with the heat. Seeing this, the children felt ashamed and stopped laughing.

Everyone paid a penny for the dance. But the thing they saw was not the show. They could only see the bear’s aching eyes which were saying that the bear wanted to go to his house which was far-distant forests and the snow.

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