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1814 Napoleon exiled to Elba, 1721 Moravian missionary David Zeisberger is born, 1888 Henry Ford marries, 1862 Confederates surrender Fort Pulaski, 1951 Truman relieves MacArthur of duties in Korea, 1870 War is narrowly averted, 1968 Last survivors of ferry accident rescued, 1970 Apollo 13 launched to moon, 1979 Idi Amin overthrown, 1988 Cher wins Best Actress Oscar for Moonstruck, 1931 Dorothy Parker resigns as drama critic for The New Yorker, 1961 Bob Dylan plays his first major gig in New York City, 1803 Talleyrand offers to sell Louisiana, 1977 President Carter hosts White House Easter egg roll, 2004 Phil Mickelson wins first major at Masters, 1963 Troops from Hawaii sent to South Vietnam, 1972 B52s strike North Vietnamese positions, 1919 International Labor Organization founded, 1945 The US army liberates Buchenwald concentration camp,


My mother saw a dancing bear

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One day in June, my mother was passing by the school yard. She saw a bear with his keeper standing with a chain and a bar. He also had a whistle pipe on which he played a wonderful tune. Then the bear lifted up his head and dusty feet.

It danced about in the heat on the tune which was played by the keeper. All the children laughed when they saw this sight. Then it acted as if it was digging before the Queen after which the huge animal started marching. After a while it stood motionless. Suddenly the keeper ordered it to do a somersault.

Then my mother said that the keeper went around with a begging bowl and the bear followed him. His fur was almost burning with the heat. Seeing this, the children felt ashamed and stopped laughing.

Everyone paid a penny for the dance. But the thing they saw was not the show. They could only see the bear’s aching eyes which were saying that the bear wanted to go to his house which was far-distant forests and the snow.

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