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1945 Aircraft squadron lost in the Bermuda Triangle, 1776 Phi Beta Kappa is founded while army flounders, 1970 Last segment of the Dan Ryan Expressway opens in Chicago, 1839 George Custer born, 1978 USSR and Afghanistan sign friendship treaty, 1873 The Boston Belfry Murderer kills his first victim, 1876 Hundreds die in Brooklyn theater fire, 1933 Prohibition ends, 1984 Eddie Murphy stars in Beverly Hills Cop, 1941 Steinbecks Sea of Cortez is published, 2000 O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack released, 1871 Rodeo star Bill Pickett born in Texas, 1782 Van Buren is born, 2002 Roone Arledge dies, 1964 Army Captain awarded first Medal of Honor for action in Vietnam, 1970 North Vietnam announces it will not be intimidated by US bombing, 1915 Siege of Britishoccupied Kut Mesopotamia begins, 1941 American carrier Lexington heads to Midway,



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Last week, my mother was ironing my school uniform. I asked her ' Why do we have to wear the uniform to school? It would be so much fun if we could wear our new dresses to school. I would show my new jacket and jeans to my friends, Why this uniform always?!!

My mom explained to me - The uniforms are not just in schools. There are uniforms in hospitals, police, armed forces, work places and many other places. Uniform is a standard clothing for members of an organisation. They have been around since the Roman Empire.

Uniforms give us a sense of belonging to the institution. It reminds us of our commitment to the work. Uniform gives us a lot of pride and teamspirit.

When we are in a crowd or public place- the uniform makes us recognisable. In school, uniforms remove unnecessary distractions over clothes and maintains discipline.

We must always keep our uniform neat and tidy and maintain its pride.

After my mother explained this to me, I now shall always keep my uniform proper and mantain its dignity. Also, I want everybody to respect their uniform and profession.

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