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1989 Exxon Valdez runs aground, 1765 Parliament passes the Quartering Act, 2007 Ferraris aroundtheworld relay stops in LA, 1862 Wendall Phillips booed in Cincinnati, 1977 United States and Cuba engage in direct negotiations, 1998 A school shooting in Jonesboro Arkansas kills five, 1989 Exxon Valdez runs aground in Alaska, 1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies, 1996 Shannon Lucid enters Mir, 1999 NATO bombs Yugoslavia, 2002 Halle Berry Denzel Washington triumph at Oscars, 1955 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opens, 1958 Elvis Presley is inducted into the US Army, 1834 John Wesley Powell born, 1949 Truman signs off on aid to Palestine, 1976 Peyton Manning born, 1965 First teachin conducted, 1975 North Vietnamese launch Ho Chi Minh Campaign, 1918 German forces cross the Somme River, 1944 Wingate dies in Burma,


A man of the People

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Can a man be killed of petty nuisances?

Yes, if the source is the People.

Can a man be killed of stifling tension?

Yes, if it is provided by the People.

Can a man be killed of sheer isolation?

Yes, if it is of the People.

Can a man be killed of illicit love?

Yes, if he is judged by the People.

Can a man be killed of his belief?

Yes, if it is opposed by the People.

A man may be killed by the People,

By organic flesh and blood,

By the darkness and light of Their souls,

But may a man be killed by machines?

By inorganic rock, By unfeeling metal?

Yes, if it is wished so by the People.


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