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1975 Jaws released, 1782 Congress adopts the Great Seal of the United States, 1941 Ford signs first contract with autoworkers union, 1863 West Virginia enters the Union, 1963 United States and Soviet Union will establish a hot line, 1947 Bugsy Siegel organized crime leader is killed, 2002 Coal mine explosion kills 111 in China, 1789 Third Estate makes Tennis Court Oath, 1900 Boxer Rebellion begins in China, 1977 Oil flows in Alaska, 1975 Jaws released, 1905 Lillian Hellman is born, 1981 Beatles and Disco equals a 1 pop hit for Stars on 45, 1875 Mountain man Joe Meek dies, 1979 Solarenergy system installed at White House, 1980 Duran outpoints Leonard for welterweight title, 1964 Westmoreland becomes Commander of MACV, 1972 Abrams appointed as Army Chief of Staff, 1919 German cabinet resigns over Versailles deadlock, 1943 Britain launches Operation Bellicose,


A man of the People

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Can a man be killed of petty nuisances?

Yes, if the source is the People.

Can a man be killed of stifling tension?

Yes, if it is provided by the People.

Can a man be killed of sheer isolation?

Yes, if it is of the People.

Can a man be killed of illicit love?

Yes, if he is judged by the People.

Can a man be killed of his belief?

Yes, if it is opposed by the People.

A man may be killed by the People,

By organic flesh and blood,

By the darkness and light of Their souls,

But may a man be killed by machines?

By inorganic rock, By unfeeling metal?

Yes, if it is wished so by the People.


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