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1935 Babe Ruth retires, 1774 Parliament completes the Coercive Acts with the Quartering Act, 1970 Race car driver and designer Bruce McLaren dies in crash, 1815 Philip Kearny is born, 1954 McCarthy charges communists are in the CIA, 1985 Serial killing spree is put to an end, 1921 Flash floods ravage Colorado, 1865 American Civil War ends, 1886 President Cleveland marries in White House, 1924 The Indian Citizenship Act, 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 1997 McVeigh convicted for Oklahoma City bombing, 2012 Longtime Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life in prison, 1989 Dead Poets Society released in selected theaters, 1977 Raymond Carver quits drinking, 1962 Ray Charles takes country music to the top of the pop charts, 1823 Ashleys fur trappers attacked by Indians, 1886 Grover Cleveland gets married in the White House, 1924 Coolidge signs Indian Citizen Act, 1985 English football clubs banned from Europe, 1965 First contingent of Australian combat troops arrives, 1967 Green Beret doctor convicted in courtmartial, 1915 AustroGerman forces attack Russians at Przemysl, 1944 United States begins shuttle bombing in Operation Frantic,


Cleanliness - A Mission to be Accomplished

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Cleanliness is one major hurdle,
Which we have to face bravely,
Equipped with human capital
Filled with intense patriotism and enthusiasm,
As a step to build our Nation further.

Friends, it’s time to clean.
Let’s begin by cleaning ourselves
Of the debris and filth
Which selfishness and self-righteousness,
Has instilled in us.

A clean society is our aim;
But ask yourself-“Can one clean the society of its debris,
Unless he cleans his own mind?”
The answer is certain - “No”!!!

Only clean minds can envisage healthy plans,
And implement it to serve the Nation.
To begin with, we should
Turn ourselves optimistic
And certain, of our potential.

To envisage is easy,
But to implement is laborious;
But ensure that it applies only for those
Unaware of their capabilities……
For the others, "Nothing is Impossible…..”.
Clean, Clean, Clean………
It’ll be a brick added
To the rising structure of ‘Nation Building’.

We should turn our Nation’s face,
Into a glorious, healthy and hygienic one,
Setting an example for others to follow.
India-our pride, our mother and the symbol-
Of our patriotism, should rise to greater heights,
From the pinnacle where it resides today.
Sky is not the limit for us,
MANGALYAN is one such step of glory,
Which helped us rise above it.

Our leader, an admirable personality
And a sensational icon,
Who works with dedication and selflessness for his Nation,
Is more than a Visionary who knows
How to bring about the change.
Come follow him, support him,
For a cause, that will change
The outlook of our Nation.
It will motivate us to work in unity,
To serve our Mother India.



Our Prime Minister-Sri.Narendra Modi’s, Swach Bharat campaign has been a very influential and effective medium, in propagating public awareness regarding cleanliness, right since its introduction. This poem is my dedication to him for launching this influential campaign which has encouraged individuals and organizations, all over the nation, to take part in cleaning the society and their surroundings, with intense care and enthusiasm…..


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