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1973 US withdraws from Vietnam, 1776 Putnam named commander of New York troops, 2009 White House ousts GM chief, 1865 Appomattox campaign begins, 1951 Rosenbergs convicted of espionage, 1951 The Mad Bomber strikes in New York, 1982 Earthquake and volcano do double damage in Mexico, 1879 British victory at Kambula, 1974 Mariner 10 visits Mercury, 2005 Miramax chiefs part ways with Disney, 1797 Writer Mary Wollstonecraft marries William Godwin, 2006 Tom Jones is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, 1806 Congress authorizes survey of Cumberland Road, 1790 John Tyler is born, 1929 Herbert Hoover has telephone installed in Oval Office, 1982 Tar Heels win NCAA basketball championship, 1971 Calley found guilty of My Lai murders, 1973 Last US troops depart South Vietnam, 1917 Swedish prime minister resigns over WWI policy, 1945 Patton takes Frankfurt,



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The kingdom of ‘curiosity’ invites you,

For an exploration of uncertain duration,

At an age when interest presides over rationalism,

An enticement of your conscience in a ‘terra incognita’.

(Or rather a world unknown.)


A world where ignorance is a boon,

As well as a requisite,

To relish abysmal amusements.




You begin in incognito

With no bag and baggage,

In a boat, built of thoughts and actions,

A paradigmatic mean of transport,

For discoverers en-route ‘Curiosity’.


Your boat gets moored,

By the banks of river ‘fantasy’.

The river assuring you,

A flux of freedom’s free flow.


The adjacent island will render you plots-

Of obscure delicacies,

Which you are entitled by fate, to discover.


Here you shall find the ideal space,

To revel and prosper,

To cultivate an intricate base,

Of inner self’s thirst for philosophy.




You begin your expedition in this kingdom,

Hoping to encounter fertile lands,

And to confiscate them to your mind’s advantage.


Obscurity, is the fertile land,

Where dauntless discretion roots itself,

Deep, beyond the core of reasoning.


Also, there are the ‘other lands’!

The realms which were once appalled by you,

Hitherto, for their eeriness,

Exposed through exanimate yet dreaded scarecrows,

Rumours of primeval origin,

Of a direful land of fatal illusions.


But a liberal approach guides you in-

Conquering these barren lands,

(Where an encroachment of fear-

By conscience and wisdom occurs)

Where the birth of your new self occurs,

Where the disgorged placenta of

Daunting memories and superstitions,

Embraces the soil and-

Conveys the secret of fertility to it,

Before its death.


Your empire thus expands,

Your fields of discoveries,

Opulently covered by a foliage of-

proliferating crops-deep rooted ideals and ratiocinations.


Thus you,

Turn out to be an invincible emperor,

The supreme commander of your subjects-thoughts and actions.


This land,

Where the flesh defers to the mind’s urge,

Paving the path to insouciance,

(A state of unfathomable freedom in thoughts and actions,)

Fills you with a new substance-knowledge,

And with gratification of a productive expedition.


You’ll reign this kingdom

Until thy audaciousness fail to meet,

The intended explanandum –

For obscure plots and random thoughts.


This land will indeed,

Cater thee with new dimensions.


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