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1884 Washington Monument completed, 1777 Whitemarsh skirmishes turn in Americans favor, 1976 Deaf stuntwoman Kitty ONeil sets womens landspeed record, 1865 13th Amendment ratified, 1987 Protests against Soviet treatment of Jews take place in Washington and Moscow, 1868 Train robbers reach the end of the line, 1917 Ships explode in Canadian harbor, 1907 The Monongah coal mine disaster, 1917 The Great Halifax Explosion, 1921 Irish Free State declared, 2005 Brokeback Mountain premieres, 1933 Ulysses is ruled not obscene, 1969 The Altamont Festival brings the 1960s to a violent end, 1749 FrenchCanadian explorer La Verendrye dies, 1884 Monument to Washington completed, 1992 Jerry Rice scores recordbreaking touchdown, 1961 Operation Farm Gate combat missions authorized, 1972 Fighting continues in South Vietnam while negotiators talk in Paris, 1917 Munitions ship explodes in Halifax, 1941 Roosevelt to Japanese emperor Prevent further death and destruction,


Friendship - Hello Brother

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A brother,
Holding my hand,
A magic flow
Through my veins,
Knowing each other
For years,
It leaves me in surprise.

The beauty
Of our friendship,
Has spread all over,
No one can break it,
It's like fevicol,
Once it sticks
It remains for a lifetime.

As I started
My life with you,
Not a single day
Have I forgotten you,
Remembering you,
Through my diary,
Each page unravels
The secret
Of our friendship.
How our first
Meeting changed our life.

Just like the sunrise
Spreads power,
For everyone
To start work,
In the same way,
Your words stole my heart,
And spread energy,
So that I can,
Laugh while remembering it,
And make more and more friends,
Thanks a lot,
And best wishes.....for our unbeatable friendship.

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