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1799 Rosetta Stone found, 1779 Massachusetts begins illfated Penobscot expedition, 1942 George Washington Carver begins experimental project with Henry Ford, 1863 Morgans raiders defeated at Buffington Island, 1956 United States withdraws offer of aid for Aswan Dam, 1991 Mike Tyson rapes a Miss Black America contestant, 1979 Oil tankers collide in Caribbean Sea, 1553 Lady Jane Grey deposed, 1848 Seneca Falls Convention begins, 1989 Sitcom actress murdered death prompts antistalking legislation, 1898 Emile Zola flees France, 2009 Angelas Ashes author Frank McCourt dies, 2003 Thousands of fans join the Miami funeral procession of Celia Cruz, 1879 Doc Holliday kills for the first time, 1884 President Arthur proclaims power to impose quarantine on immigrants, 1992 Nick Faldo wins third British Open, 1964 President Khanh calls for expanding the war, 1972 Peace talks resume, 1919 Cenotaph is unveiled in London, 1943 America bombs Rome,


STEPS/STAIRS (A Symbolic Journey of Life)

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The First Step:

Here you begin your trail,

Through the flight of ‘Life’s-stairs’,

A life consecrated to search and acquaint-

An unknown, unmet figure,

‘Success’-at the pinnacle.



Here, you stand midway-

between- success and downfall,

life and death,

obscurity and explanandum,

aspiration and persuasion.


Turn back,

If you are able to retrace-

The ‘steps’ which caused your ascent,

The ‘steps’ which elevated-

‘You’ into the ‘Conqueror at midway’,

then, you are worthy enough

to resume your journey.



Retreat, but remain unabashed,

Go, join the severed fragments of bricks,

And wait, until loyalty,

Has crept in on thee.


The Final Step:

Here, you stand,

on the ‘final stepping stone’,

‘Success’ awaiting you with his presents

The quintessential charm of life’s cycle,

Unravelling itself before you. 

Glimpses from the past-

A scratch conqueror, A life’s journey,

A fruitful finale-Glorifying thy discretion.

But it’s not the ‘paradigm’,

‘Thou has set’, which makes you unique,

It is the elevation, which is the chief factor,

Your amelioration, on the primitive tools,

Of humility, loyalty, faith and prudence,

which thou were provided, before thee began. 

Remember, Albeit, you are a winner,

Without these steps,

Without their contribution,

You might’ve remained a dross.                        


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