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1781 Victory at Yorktown, 1781 Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown, 1982 John Z DeLorean is arrested in 24 million cocaine deal, 1864 Battle of Cedar Creek, 1958 The first Cold War worlds fair closes, 1982 John DeLorean is arrested for drug dealing, 1991 Fire sweeps through Oakland hills, 1812 Napoleon retreats from Moscow, 1935 Ethiopia stands alone, 1989 Guildford Four are cleared, 1985 First Blockbuster store opens, 1931 John le Carre is born, 1985 Take on Me music video helps Norways aHa reach the top the US pop charts, 1869 Construction begins on the Sutro Tunnel in Virginia City Nevada, 1796 Editorial accuses Jefferson of affair with slave, 1957 Rocket Richard scores 500 goals, 1965 Communists attack Plei Me Special Forces camp, 1972 Kissinger discusses draft peace treaty with President Thieu, 1914 First Battle of Ypres, 1943 Chinese and Suluks revolt against Japanese in North Borneo,


STEPS/STAIRS (A Symbolic Journey of Life)

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The First Step:

Here you begin your trail,

Through the flight of ‘Life’s-stairs’,

A life consecrated to search and acquaint-

An unknown, unmet figure,

‘Success’-at the pinnacle.



Here, you stand midway-

between- success and downfall,

life and death,

obscurity and explanandum,

aspiration and persuasion.


Turn back,

If you are able to retrace-

The ‘steps’ which caused your ascent,

The ‘steps’ which elevated-

‘You’ into the ‘Conqueror at midway’,

then, you are worthy enough

to resume your journey.



Retreat, but remain unabashed,

Go, join the severed fragments of bricks,

And wait, until loyalty,

Has crept in on thee.


The Final Step:

Here, you stand,

on the ‘final stepping stone’,

‘Success’ awaiting you with his presents

The quintessential charm of life’s cycle,

Unravelling itself before you. 

Glimpses from the past-

A scratch conqueror, A life’s journey,

A fruitful finale-Glorifying thy discretion.

But it’s not the ‘paradigm’,

‘Thou has set’, which makes you unique,

It is the elevation, which is the chief factor,

Your amelioration, on the primitive tools,

Of humility, loyalty, faith and prudence,

which thou were provided, before thee began. 

Remember, Albeit, you are a winner,

Without these steps,

Without their contribution,

You might’ve remained a dross.                        


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