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Farewell to Ms. Wadia

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You know what they say: A school is a temple of learning. A temple has pilgrims visiting it. Those are the students who we are. And in the temple, exist some guides, helpers, monks. Those are the teachers, who guide, help, teach and nurture us pilgrims. Then there is a head monk and his assistant. A Principal and Vice Principal have the same relation. In our school one is Mrs. Gool Ghadiali and the other is Ms. Zenobia Wadia. Today’s focus is Wadia Ma’am. She has worked hard in this school, her profession, very diligently, and we all applaud her for it. She has been the link between the students and the Principal. She is the most experienced of all the teachers here.

            What will be gone, if she is gone? A good teacher, yes. She knows Grammar as if she were the Queen of Britain; she can act out any part from Shylock to Antonio to Macbeth and others, and can deal with any questions thrown at her. GSIS, a school with a collection of world-class teachers will lose one excellent teacher.

            As a Vice Principal, she controlled the administration. The planning, the allocation of trips and exams, all was done by her. She always knew the right time for things to happen. What will we do without her? Who knows will we be bequeathed to a better administrator? I think not. A bad administrator? I shudder to think.

            We will also lose a certain amount of discipline. A strict disciplinarian and a perfectionist, she was the driving force which stopped the naughty ones from climbing on the fan. A class cannot have Miss Wadia and pandemonium in it at the same time. She is one of the few teachers in the world whose presence itself can establish a quiet class. It leaves me speechless.

            In a few words, we will lose a lot if she’s gone. But it would be wrong to stop her. Everyone comes across a time when they need a little time for themselves. Of all people, Wadia Ma’am truly deserves it. So, thank you for all you have done, give us your blessings and part with a happy smile.

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