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1884 First roller coaster in America opens, 1738 Patriot printer publisher and postmistress Mary Katharine Goddard born, 1903 Ford Motor Company incorporated, 1862 Union thwarted at the Battle of Secessionville, 1961 Russian ballet star Nureyev defects, 1999 SLA member captured after more than 20 years, 1896 Tsunami ravages Japanese coast, 1958 Leader of Hungarian uprising executed, 1963 First woman in space, 1977 Brezhnev is Soviet president, 1943 Charlie Chaplin marries Oona ONeill, 1904 James Joyce meets his future wife Nora, 1965 Bob Dylan records Like A Rolling Stone, 1890 Alaskan explorer Fred Fickett leaves Army, 1858 Lincoln warns that America is becoming a house divided, 1968 Lee Trevino wins his first US Open, 1961 Kennedy agrees to send instructors to train troops, 1965 More troops to be sent to Vietnam, 1970 Communists isolate Phnom Penh, 1918 Battle of the Piave River, 1940 Marshal Petain becomes premier of occupied France,


Autobiography of a coat

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I am a coat. Unfortunately, I am lost. I would like to tell you how I got lost, rather about my life.

I was the two-hundredth batch of a newly made Raymond Coats, bout to be sent to shop for selling. We were kept in trolleys in a hilltop retailers’ warehouse. I have remembered always noticing a large hole at the back of the warehouse. But I did not know what was on the other side of it until some days ago.

I had a friend, who was coincidently our trolley’s release lever. I often urged him to let us go to explore that hole, but he would remain shut tight. But one day I didn’t nag him. He released our trolley. Unfortunately the warehouse was tilted towards the hole as it was on a hill. Our trolley rolled towards the hole in speed. I closed my eyes. I became unconscious due to some unknown force.

When I woke up I was worn by some man at a party. He was talking to his friends about me. He said that he found me while passing under a hill. He said he saw several coats and a trolley falling from the sky. When we fell down, he picked me up and took me home. I was thankful to fall in the right hands.

But my thankfulness was short-lived, for on his way home, the man was robbed by a robber, who took me with him.

Now I don’t know where I am. I seem to be in a place where no one except the robber can find me. I am lost.

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