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My Vacation to Maldives

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Last year during our summer holidays, my family went to Maldives for a vacation full of fun and enjoyment. Maldives is located near Sri Lanka. It is famous for its lagoons and white beaches. We flew with Lufthansa air lines till Kuaukapi in Sri Lanka and then took a bi-plane to Male International Airport. The bi-plane rider was a one-of-a-kind experience and I will never forget its wobbly balance.

The city of Male was the cleanest city ever. All the citizens had pledged never to litter and chucked their waste materials in a dustbin. Our resort was 50km off the shore of Male. It was called Taj Exotica. It was an island in itself. The white sandy beaches shone brightly like yellow diamonds. The island was surrounded by coral infested lagoons as far as the eye could see. We had to take a golf buggy ride to our cabin. During the trip we saw huge coconut trees. I could almost imagine them laughing at our meagre size. When we reached the other side of the island we were greeted by the most beautiful site ever. There were sixty to seventy dolphins jumping in and out of the water. I felt like taking some time out and thanking Mother Earth for this beautiful sight. Our cabin was built on a lagoon. The floor was made on a 30cm bullet proof glass and we could see the corals as if they were on an HD TV. The sun also shone with a lot of brilliance and brightness.

On the flight back to Mumbai, I recalled all that I had experienced in Maldives. The breath-taking feats of nature, the great hospitality and of course the dolphins!

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