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My Visit to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

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We are a family of nature lovers. Hence at least once a year we go in to wilderness. Last year we went to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. For the month of May, my father booked three train tickets to Ranthambore. It was our first visit there. It was a overnight journey to Sawai Madhopur. My dad had booked a room in Ranthambore Agency. It was luxurious.

It was my first ever safari. It was a scorching temperature of 45 degree Celsius even in shade. I was amazed at the piece of information and soon after we ventured in to the forest.

We saw Sāmbhar, the favourite food of tigers, and also spotted many deer. I was the first to spot a wild dog in the pack of twelve. There were pug marks of hyenas and the carcass of a deer. This was the epic end of our three hour long safari. Oh! Our holiday was of three days with two safaris. Next day it was hotter. Our guide, Balaji pointed to a fresh pug mark of a tiger. But before we could bat an eyelid the big cat emerged from its cover. It was a scene that I will never forget in my entire life time.

Net day we took our train to Mumbai and carried our bag and baggage with lovely memories. I would love to see a tiger again.

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