On this day :
1935 Babe Ruth retires, 1774 Parliament completes the Coercive Acts with the Quartering Act, 1970 Race car driver and designer Bruce McLaren dies in crash, 1815 Philip Kearny is born, 1954 McCarthy charges communists are in the CIA, 1985 Serial killing spree is put to an end, 1921 Flash floods ravage Colorado, 1865 American Civil War ends, 1886 President Cleveland marries in White House, 1924 The Indian Citizenship Act, 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 1997 McVeigh convicted for Oklahoma City bombing, 2012 Longtime Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life in prison, 1989 Dead Poets Society released in selected theaters, 1977 Raymond Carver quits drinking, 1962 Ray Charles takes country music to the top of the pop charts, 1823 Ashleys fur trappers attacked by Indians, 1886 Grover Cleveland gets married in the White House, 1924 Coolidge signs Indian Citizen Act, 1985 English football clubs banned from Europe, 1965 First contingent of Australian combat troops arrives, 1967 Green Beret doctor convicted in courtmartial, 1915 AustroGerman forces attack Russians at Przemysl, 1944 United States begins shuttle bombing in Operation Frantic,


To Go On.....

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The clock is ticking,

“Wipe the dust”,

Dawn is closing,

It’s time to run.


The mark you’ve to kiss-

Lies far away;

So run without a pause,

“Leave a mark on your way”.


But beware of some obstacles,

Some mighty challenges en route the mark;

Hurdle bars which might seem so weak,

But which virtually sets a peak so steep.


It’lll put you down-

To flounder in the low dust;

It’ll seem impossible to counter-

And’ll entice you to hopelessness.


But never give way to lose yourselves

Either to failure or inhibitions;

Just raise your head and analyse,

Edify yourselves and realize,

That duress of pressures can’t sublime-

True spirit, and the desire to conquer-

The peak of life’s ubiquitous driver-‘Hurdles’.


Courage and confidence are a sacrosanct,

Will and desire shall drive you forth.


“Resume my friend…”, the cheers rose,

From the stands of life’s support-

Parents, Friends, Relatives and Foes,

Never give in to feel that you’re dross.

Go on, run unabashed,

Breaking open your heart’s ulterior chambers-

To release dismal emotions.


The hurdle will then appear to you-

As a mere puddle,

Which you can cross effortlessly,

Like reading a didactic rhyme.


Remember, this is just one-

Of many yet to be encountered,

On your trail to the mark.


Never let yourself down,

At ‘puddles’ that emulate mighty hurdles,

It’s all your mind’s play.

Only courage and relentless dedication

Will usher you to go on.

To go on forever,

To go on……


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