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1916 Easter Rebellion begins, 1781 Phillips and Arnold launch attack on Petersburg Virginia, 1983 German endurance driver killed in crash, 1863 Union issues conduct code for soldiers, 1955 The Bandung Conference concludes, 1922 Forensic evidence is introduced in Australia, 1908 Tornado flattens towns in Louisiana and Mississippi, 1800 Library of Congress established, 1953 Churchill knighted, 1980 Hostage rescue mission ends in disaster, 1982 Jane Fondas first Workout video released, 1940 Sue Grafton is born, 1962 Patti LaBelle makes her debut on the pop charts sort of, 1947 Author Willa Cather dies, 1945 Truman is briefed on Manhattan Project, 1996 Penguins defeat Capitals in marathon hockey game, 1967 Westmoreland makes controversial remarks, 1971 North Vietnamese attack South Vietnamese installations, 1916 The Easter Rising begins in Dublin, 1876 Erich Raeder commander in chief of the German navy is born on this day, 1940 Britain begins its evacuation of Greece in Operation Demon,


Forgetful Jimmy

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Jimmy was so forgetful

He forgot he had an exam that day.

He even forgot to have his lunch

When his mother said the table she lay.


At night he forgot to sleep

He never even did nap

And when he went to the toilet

He forgot to close the tap.


He forgot to post letters

When his mother asked him to

And when he met someone

He forgot to say ‘How d’you do?’


The thing he never forgot

Was to forget everything

When he was asked to sing a song

He didn’t know what to sing.


He forgot to study subjects

He forgot to read books

And just in his daydreams

Every minute he looks.


One day, his mother said to him

“Jimmy, now you don’t forget a thing!

Eating, sleeping, posting letters

And even what to sing.”


It was really a trick

Jimmy thought it was real.

And then, he never forgot anything

Even eating all his meals.


And now instead of ‘Forgetful Jimmy’

We call him to this day

And now ‘Remembering Jimmy’

Laughing we all say.

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