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1883 Brooklyn Bridge opens, 1775 John Hancock becomes president of Congress, 1991 Thelma and Louise featuring 1966 Ford Thunderbird released, 1864 Battle of North Anna continues, 1959 John Foster Dulles dies, 1989 Lori Ann Auker disappears from a parking lot, 1964 Riot erupts at soccer match, 1543 Copernicus dies, 1844 What hath God wrought, 1989 sex lies and videotape wins top prize at Cannes, 1940 Joseph Brodsky is born, 1974 Duke Ellington dies, 1863 Henry Plummer is elected sheriff of Bannack Montana, 1797 Thomas Jefferson inquires about a former flame, 1935 MLB holds first night game, 1964 Goldwater suggests using atomic weapons, 1971 Soldiers place controversial ad in antiwar newspaper, 1917 British naval convoy system introduced, 1941 The Bismarck sinks the Hood, 1943 Auschwitz gets a new doctor the Angel of Death,


O Mother, How Have You Become?

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O Mother, how have you become?

Why is it I sense your forests numb?

Where are the trees which cooled your body?

These towers of cement make you look so shoddy.

O Mother, how have you become?

Is this because of human infection?

Where are the others who lived here before?

Rhinos, tigers, deer and more?

O Mother, how have you become?

Your green spots, why are there none?

These yellow and grey patches, why?

Look at your condition, you make me cry!

O Mother, how have you become?

Who was once so happy, why is she so glum?

Hear this noise, and look at the smoke,

Where are the morning fog and the frog’s croak?

O Mother, how have you become?

Where are the trees of apple, orange and plum?

The humans have placed you on a hospital bed,

How long will it be, before you are dead?

O Mother, how have you become?

You are not what you used to be.

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