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1799 Rosetta Stone found, 1779 Massachusetts begins illfated Penobscot expedition, 1942 George Washington Carver begins experimental project with Henry Ford, 1863 Morgans raiders defeated at Buffington Island, 1956 United States withdraws offer of aid for Aswan Dam, 1991 Mike Tyson rapes a Miss Black America contestant, 1979 Oil tankers collide in Caribbean Sea, 1553 Lady Jane Grey deposed, 1848 Seneca Falls Convention begins, 1989 Sitcom actress murdered death prompts antistalking legislation, 1898 Emile Zola flees France, 2009 Angelas Ashes author Frank McCourt dies, 2003 Thousands of fans join the Miami funeral procession of Celia Cruz, 1879 Doc Holliday kills for the first time, 1884 President Arthur proclaims power to impose quarantine on immigrants, 1992 Nick Faldo wins third British Open, 1964 President Khanh calls for expanding the war, 1972 Peace talks resume, 1919 Cenotaph is unveiled in London, 1943 America bombs Rome,



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Sometimes, a thought flashes across my mind,

Where do we belong or to which kind?

Sometimes, I feel this life is not enough,

And growing up in this world is really tough.

Sometimes, I wonder how would it be,

To be lost in a jungle or at sea.

Sometimes the happiness keeps me at bay,

But some other times are not so gay.

Sometimes the daily chores tell me I am alive,

But quite often I feel trapped in a hive.

Sometimes my loved ones care for me so much,

That I begin to wonder do I indeed deserve this much.

Sometimes I like to tread on difficult paths,

And not care much about the anger and the wraths.

Sometimes I feel because I believe in myself,

My life paves its road smooth all by itself.

Sometimes I just want to thank God,

For protecting me always like a pea in a pod!

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