On this day :
1933 FDR inaugurated, 1776 American forces occupy Dorchester Heights, 1936 Scottish racing legend Jim Clark born, 1861 Lincoln inaugurated, 1954 Dulles asks for action against communism, 1944 The head of Murder Inc is executed, 2005 Martha Stewart is released from prison, 1962 DC7 crashes in Cameroon swamp, 1789 Government under the US Constitution begins, 1995 John Candy dies, 1952 Ernest Hemingway finishes The Old Man and the Sea, 1965 Kite Runner author Khaled Hosseini is born, 1966 John Lennon sparks his first major controversy, 1868 Founder of Chisholm Trail dies, 1829 Jackson holds open house at the White House, 1952 Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis marry, 1888 Knute Rockne born, 1968 Task Force sends memo to the president, 1913 Woodrow Wilsons first inaugural address, 1941 Britain launches Operation Claymore, 1944 Eighth Air Force bombs Berlin,



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Sometimes, a thought flashes across my mind,

Where do we belong or to which kind?

Sometimes, I feel this life is not enough,

And growing up in this world is really tough.

Sometimes, I wonder how would it be,

To be lost in a jungle or at sea.

Sometimes the happiness keeps me at bay,

But some other times are not so gay.

Sometimes the daily chores tell me I am alive,

But quite often I feel trapped in a hive.

Sometimes my loved ones care for me so much,

That I begin to wonder do I indeed deserve this much.

Sometimes I like to tread on difficult paths,

And not care much about the anger and the wraths.

Sometimes I feel because I believe in myself,

My life paves its road smooth all by itself.

Sometimes I just want to thank God,

For protecting me always like a pea in a pod!

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