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1905 Worlds largest diamond found, 1776 First national memorial is ordered by Congress, 2003 Italian auto baron Gianni Agnelli dies, 1863 Burnside relieved of command, 1956 Khrushchev declares that Eisenhower is striving for peace, 2005 BTK killer sends message, 1968 Israeli sub vanishes, 1924 First Winter Olympics, 1971 Manson and followers convicted, 1981 Maos widow sentenced to death, 1995 Near launching of Russian nukes, 1949 Inaugural Emmy awards ceremony, 1759 Robert Burns birthday, 1980 Paul McCartney is released from a Tokyo jail and deported from Japan, 1869 Pat Garrett leaves Louisiana, 1961 Kennedy holds first live television news conference, 1924 First Winter Olympics begin in Chamonix France, 1969 First plenary session of the formal Paris Peace talks is held, 1972 Nixon reveals information about secret negotiations, 1919 Formal commission is established on the League of Nations, 1942 Thailand declares war on the United States and England,


Balasaheb Thackeray - Ek Tha Tiger....

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A roar
Of a tiger heart,
We all know him,
Very well as a man,
Who fought for
People rights,
And gave them power,
By believing in themselves
He told everyone
Not to forget,
To respect a falling head,
But keep heads
Right up till end,
A man of vision
Who kept growing
As a politician,
But never had fear,
To show other's
Bad deeds by saying,
Through his own style
Of language,
He told the common man,
How to earn,
And live life
By holding hands,
And helping others
In bad times,
He kept
His promise
By putting fire
To money and fame,
And was given
The title "Supremo",
A day
comes and goes,
But he will
always be remembered,
As a tiger.......

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