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1779 John Adams appointed to negotiate peace terms with British, 1779 John Jay is appointed minister to Spain, 1967 My Mother The Car exported to France, 1864 Confederate guerillas sack Centralia Missouri, 1959 Khrushchev ends trip to the United States, 1989 Zsa Zsa Gabor storms out of the courtroom, 1854 Ships collide off Newfoundland, 1540 Jesuit order established, 1960 Sylvia Pankhurst dies, 1991 Reeves and Phoenix star in My Own Private Idaho, 1996 F Scott Fitzgerald stamp is issued, 1999 Placido Domingo breaks Carusos openingnight record at the Metropolitan Opera, 1869 Sheriff Wild Bill Hickok proves too wild for Kansas, 1938 Franklin Roosevelt appeals to Hitler for peace, 1930 Bobby Jones wins US Amateur title, 1967 Antiwar sentiment increases, 1969 Thieu comments on Nixons Vietnamization policy, 1915 John Kipling killed at the Battle of Loos, 1939 Poland surrenders, 1940 The Tripartite Pact is signed by Germany Italy and Japan,


The Beauty Of It All

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All we can touch and all we see,

Began in a cosmic history.

How long ago, came things to be ?

Perhaps it was infinity.

All our surroundings hold in store,

The clues to what has gone before.

A fascination long prevails

To understand time's every tale.

Our tiny Earth holds precious gifts

As through the universe it drifts.

With organisms varied, rife,

Are we alone in having life ?

This special form of energy

Enduring in it's frailty,

Bestows such beauty, all admired.

Intelligence is awe- inspired.



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